ETC TV Studio Booking
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Storyboard Templates
Storyboard PDF Download

AfterEffects Tutorial
Copy-paste this link into your browser: file://randon/dfs/classes/2016_semester_3/visualstory/Resources/ae_tutorial_simpleLogoAnimation/

Premiere Tutorial
Premiere 101

Premiere Export Guide
Export Settings PDF

Lighting Tips
Simple Solutions for Nighttime Shooting
Guerilla Lighting: Professional-looking results with inexpensive materials
Let The Sun Shine In: How to control the great outdoor light source

Action Verbs  – Directing Actors
Action Verbs
Action Verbs II

Visual Story Online
Copy-paste this link into your browser: file://etc-archive-2/etc/classes/2011_semester_3/visualstory/VIS_STORY/Visual Story OnLine/VS_site.html

A Short List of Film Terms  PDF Download

 New School’s Glossary of Film Terms:

Kodak’s Glossary of Film/Video Terms

Greenscreen Handout
Greenscreen Lighting Reference Sheet