TA Team

You can reach all the TA’s and Faculty by emailing the visual story d-list (visualstory-pgh-support@lists.andrew.cmu.edu), or contact your assigned TA by emailing the address listed below.

Matthew Bofenkamp
Room: 2416
Email: mbofenka@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Photography, Color correction, storytelling, Photoshop, writing



Linyao (Freya) Li

Room: 2420
Email: linyaol@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Photography; Film; Art; Storyboard; Editing; Post Production; Photoshop; Premier


Shana Joseph
Room: 3410
Email: skjoseph@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About:  Photography, Film, Editing, Post Production


Jongmi (Jamie) Bae

Room: 2416
Email: jongmib@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Graphic Design, Photography, Film, Adobe Creative Suite, Storyboard


Weizheng (Wei) Lee

Room: 2404
Email: weizhenl@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Photography, Composition, Storyboarding, Narratives, Aesthetics


Byungju Lee
Room: Bullpen
Email: byungjul@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About:  After effects, Color Correction, Adobe Creative Suite, Film in general


Liam Philiben
Room: 2420
Email: lphilibe@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About:  anything film related, Premiere, Sound Design (Audition and Reaper), 360 cameras, Shotlists, and Photoshop


Shimeng (Sherry) Fan
Room: 3410
Email: shimengf@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Films, Theatre, Video Editing (Premiere), Interactive Storytelling