TA Team

You can reach all the TA’s and Faculty by emailing the visual story d-list (visualstory-pgh-support@lists.andrew.cmu.edu), or contact your assigned TA by emailing the address listed below.

Rony (Head TA)
Room: 2404
Email: rkahana@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Producing, directing, camera operating, editing, color grading, lighting.
Software: Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects

Julian (Head TA)
Room: 3414
Email: jkorzeni@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Sound editing, sound recording, VR sound, composition, 360 film making, toy piano performance.
Software: Premiere, Logic, Audition, Reaper

Room: 3422
Email: mdtausee@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Lighting, composition, still photography.
Software: Lightroom, photoshop

Room: 3414
Email: sijiah@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Producing, editing, color grading.
Software: Premiere, Photoshop, Maya

Room: 2410
Email: jiaxinw@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Editing, storyboarding, horror movies.
Software: After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya

Room: 2404
Email: mharries@andrew.cmu.edu

Ask Me About: Staging, staging in 360, props, make-up effects, stage combat.
Software: Audition, Premiere

Office hours to be posted soon! Feel free to drop in at any time, but be aware that we may not be able to help you immediately.