TA Team

You can reach all the TA’s and Faculty by emailing the visual story d-list (visualstory-pgh-support@lists.andrew.cmu.edu), or contact your assigned TA by emailing the address listed below.

Jae (Head TA)
Room: 2420
Email: wonjaek@andrew.cmu.edu
Office Hours:
M – F   2PM – 6PM

Ask Me About: Films, Experience Design, 360 Videos, Composition, Editing, Art
Software: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, TouchDesigner


Srujani (Head TA)
Room: 3404
Email: skaminen@andrew.cmu.edu
Office Hours:
M, W         1PM – 3PM
T, Th, F    6PM -8PM

Ask Me About: Animation, Production, Lighting, Anim/VFX Feature films
Software: Adobe Premiere, Photoshop


Room: 2420
Email: mefloyd@andrew.cmu.edu
Office Hours:
M          5PM – 7PM
W         6PM – 7PM
F           7PM – 8PM

Ask Me About: Narrative Design, Sound Design, 360 Video, Camera Op, Writing, Editing
Software: Adobe Premiere, Audition, Logic


Room: 3418
Email: qiqif@andrew.cmu.edu
Office Hours:
M, W    4PM – 6PM

Ask Me About: Story-boarding, Editing, Retouching, Motion Graphics
Software: Adobe Premiere, After Effects


Room: 3418
Email: equ@andrew.cmu.edu
Office Hours:
M, W    4PM – 6PM

Ask Me About: Storytelling, Narrative Design, Game Design
Software: Adobe Premiere, 360 Camera Software


Room: 2406
Email: tmoleswo@andrew.cmu.edu
Office Hours:
T, Th    12PM – 1PM

Ask Me About: Audio Recording, Narrative, Design, Pittsburgh
Software: Adobe Audition, Premiere, Logic, Pro Tools