Solo Assignment 4

Solo Assignment 4: Visual Rules

Due: Thursday, Sept. 26 – 11:59:59 PM

Submission Details: Submit on \\randon > dfs > courses> 2019_semester_3 > visualstory > Assignments > Solo Assignment 4> andrewID

10 (or more) slide PowerPoint 

You can download the reference slides HERE 

Many video game critiques analyze game play and storytelling when reviewing games. Not many address the visual components and how they may or may not increase one’s engagement, other than referring to them as great graphics. Pick a video game or a animated film and talk about the visual components (as discussed in class). Show and discuss if they work or don’t work as to whether they help tell the story or enhance the game play. Make a distinction between using visual imagery to tell the story versus simply pretty, high-quality graphics. 

Use the concepts of CONTRAST & AFFINITY, SPACE, LINE, SHAPE, MOVEMENT from in-class lectures to inform your observations. 

The deliverable is a PPT of 10 pic/screenshots and brief text to tell us what lesson the pic shows.

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