Team Assignment 1

Retrofit Assignment
Due Date: Thursday Oct 4, 11:59:59 PM

Submission Details: Submit on \\randon > dfs > classes > 2018_semester_3 > visualstory > Assignments > Team Assignment 1 > Team Name

Retrofit – Recreating a scene shot for shot; (No audio is to be used from the original soundtrack)

For the retro-fit assignment, each team will add their own studio/production company name and their own 10 second logo at the beginning of their video.

Your logo and name will be used in all future assignments.

Analyze the scene screened in class, break it down into:

Text – Dialogue, if any, and shot list

Images – Storyboard with matching dialogue

Schematics – Overhead floor plan with numbered camera set-ups

Create video using the above as guidelines for smooth workflow.

You must hand in: Script/Shot list, Storyboards, Overhead floor plan and Video by the given due date.

Do NOT start shooting until your assigned TA sees your Shot list, Storyboards, and Overhead floor plan.

This paper work doesn’t have to be nicely typed up, we just need to see pieces of drafts and lists that shows that you’re making good decisions before you go into filming your assignment.

Please be aware that the TAs might not be in ETC over the weekend; it is strongly advised that you show us your paperwork before the end of this week. 

Footage can be found in  \\randon > dfs > classes > 2018_semester_3 > visualstory > Resources > Team Assign 1_Retro Fit Videos

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